I found this tag because Glen, who is also a fellow blogger and YouTuber, did this tag on his blog. I like this tag because it gives my audience a chance to see other things that I love. Be sure to check out Glen’s blog post by clicking the link. 😊

  1. I love animals.

Growing up I had a few dogs; I had a Yorkie Terrier named Penny, who I had when I was four or five years old.  Sadly, we had to give her up when we moved from Mississippi to Texas. After years of begging for another dog, when I was 11, I got Noodles. I had her for sixteen years. I loved Noodles so much and she taught me so much about owning a dog, and the most important lesson of all, how to let go when the time comes. She leaves behind a Legacy. Now, I have a three-year-old Pit Bull named, Duke. We love to go for walks, play in the back yard and take  naps!

  1. I love to be on Social Media

I have met so many people on Social media over the past years. Some of these people have become good friends. I love meeting new people and for me it is a way to share some of life’s experiences, especially with me being visually impaired.

  1. I love Spring time!

Spring time is one of my favorite seasons. In Florida, it is not to hot, but not cold. It is just perfect. Sometimes I just like to go outside with my sunglasses on and just enjoy the beauty of the day.

  1. I have a passion for education and teaching.

When I was in college, I knew that I also wanted to use my love of education and learning in some form. I decided to get my minor in education. Even though I haven’t been in a classroom professionally I love being able to use my blog, and YouTube channel to help use my talents of both writing and education to help reach a broader scope of an audience and to help teach people that just because you have a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your dreams; It means that you  have to work harder and can do just about anything you want. I enjoy learning and since I graduated from college back in 2013, I have continued my education by taking several different online continuing education classes.