A Day of Thanksgiving (2018)

This Thanksgiving I want to share with my family, friends and followers what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving. First, I’m so thankful for my family, especially my grandfather who has helped and continues to support me. I cannot say thank you enough for my grandpa. He has taken care of me since the age of sixteen. Without you grandpa I would not be where I am today. You have helped me get an education that years ago I never thought I would have. You are my encouragement when times get hard and you remind me to get back up and to continue to fight my battles. I am also thankful for all that I do have. I may not have reached all the goals and dreams I want to achieve in life yet, but I am thankful for this amazing journey that I am on.

I am thankful for the sight that I do have. It may be tough having Nystagmus at times, but it is not impossible to live with. Thank you to my friends who have Nystagmus that have taught me that just because you have Nystagmus does not mean you have to let it control you.

To my dog: Duke thank you for making me smile and laugh, and for reminding me not to judge a book by its cover… inside there is love and a kind spirit.

To my friends: without you life would be so dull. You make me laugh smile and enjoy life. A special thank you to my best friend, who also happens to be my editor. Thank you for your encouragement as I grow both personally and professionally.

To my followers: without your support I would not have made it this far in my freelancing journey. No matter if you follow me on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest your support and encouragement to keep trying is amazing.

I hope that each and every one of you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and I will see you guys next week.


Thanksgiving 2017

Hi Blog world,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers! I had a wonderful day because I spent the day with a group of friends. We had plans to go to Cracker Barrel, however because there was supposed to be over an hour wait, we ended up eating at Ruby Tuesday.

I had the salad bar, and a cheeseburger. The salad bar was filled with all different kinds of fresh vegetables and toppings. The only thing that I didn’t care for was one of the flat breads that I had picked out. My cheeseburger was simple and delicious. It also came with fries, which is one of my guilty pleasures. All in all it was a great meal; and my bill came out to be $20 and some change.

The day after Thanksgiving I had dinner with my grandparents. As usual we had our famous ham loaf. We had Sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, Jello, and fruit pudding.

I am thankful for my family, my dog, my friends, and of course, my followers.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene