Last Week as an Intern…Really?

Hi Blog world,

I can’t believe that this week is my last week as an intern through the Division of Blind internship program. This opportunity has given me a chance to show off my skills, and to learn some new ones that I haven’t known about. What has influenced me the most was that I was able to get my confidence back. It’s been a long time overdue because I’ve been looking for a job ever since I graduated from The University of West Florida three years ago.


What I have liked most about my six weeks working here, as an Intern, is that I’ve been able to work on my: writing, editing, and social media skills. I have learned things about using Facebook to help with Marketing that I never thought about before.


To be honest, I am starting to think about one day getting my Master’s degree in Marketing. I think that it would be a good fit to go with my Journalism degree, and I think this will further my skills in social media.


During this time, I would like to thank the following people who have supported me during my internship: My supervisor, my co-workers, my grandparents,my job coach, and my best friends. You guys are amazing! Thank you!


Now, this is not going to end on a sad note! Because of my hard work, and our great working relationship with my supervisor she is offering me an extended internship! I’m excited to be able to stay on with this company, and to be able to continue to grow my skills as a journalist!


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Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

My internship with She’s Social: Week 5:Learning and growing even with setbacks

Hi Blog world,

Well, this week as an intern sure has been a wet one! In the Panhandle, of Florida, it sure does rain a lot, and that’s what it has done for most of this week. Because of that, my internet went down most of the day on Tuesday, and I had to re adjust my schedule to get my hours in.

This week was an exciting week of learning for me-I learned a more simplified way to save files into PDF’s. I sure wish I would’ve known this trick in college because it makes saving things a lot easier.

My favorite part of this week, was working with my co-worker, Sara, to pre-record my Nystagmus segment. You guys will be able to hear my segment on Real Women Radio when it comes out in November! I’m excited to tell my community about Nystagmus and what you guys can do to support this amazing group of people who are fighting to beat Nystagmus on a daily basis.

Blog Soon,

Amanda Gene