Final Echo Dot Lesson (independent living skills series lesson 5)

This week was an exciting week for me. I am now a proud graduate of the first ever Echo Dot training class. For our final class, my teacher had me disable, and then re-enable his Echo Dot. This will help me once I get my own Echo Dot next week.

Setting it up was simple. I only had to follow the set-up menu via the app. During the set up process, I watched a short tutorial video which included information on the different skills and features (such as playing music via Bluetooth, using Google calendar, ect)

The last thing we did was allow me to explore the different skills. Some of the skills I chose for my Echo included: Weather, Flashlight, TED Talks, Sleep and Relaxation Sounds, CNN, and Meow meow.  What Skills do you use for the Echo Dot if you own one? Tell me in the comments below.

I’m eager to receive my device, customize it, and to start using it.


Here are five things I cannot live without (technology edition)

Here are five pieces of technology that I could not live without:

  1. Iphone: I love my Iphone, in fact, I am addicted to it.  I use my phone for just about everything from the built-in magnifier to Siri.
  2. Internet Connection: Without it I could not check my social media sites.
  3. Laptop: When I cannot use my Iphone for something, I use my laptop.
  4. Talking book player: I love to read and having my talking book player allows me to read to my heart’s content.
  5. Essential oils: I love the smell of lavender and peppermint. These scents help me stay calm and relaxed when I’m stressed out.

My talking book player

What would be five pieces of technology that you would pick?

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

Hi Blog world,


As I was looking for ideas to write about today, I came across this question, and since I’m still on Unemployment island I watch a lot of YouTube channels. Here’s a list of the top five channels that I watch on a daily basics.


  1. iiSuperwomanii this channel is run by a very talented woman named, Lilly Singh, I like here channel because of the funny comedy videos that she produces every Monday and Thursday. He content makes me laugh and reminds me to stay positive.

Here’s the link to Lilly’s channel:


  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs, is a fun-loving all around dog channel, that features humans Jessica, and Jamie and their three adorable dogs: Shelby, Memphis and Oakley. I love their channel because they give me ideas for my dog Duke. They do treat videos, training videos, and other fun related dog topics.

Here’s the link to Gone to the Snow Dogs:


  1. As mentioned on my “How has 2017 been…January” I watch Cherry Wallis , who like me loves Harry Potter and Makeup. I love her Harry Potter hauls and her craft ideas that are Harry Potter themed.  Watching her do Makeup tutorials are a lot of fun too.

If you haven’t already done so you can check out her channel by clicking the link below:


  1. Another YouTuber that I really enjoy watching is the amazingly funny, but yet he provides great information about Britain, Even Edinger. I found his videos by accident one day when I went searching YouTube for information about Britain, ever since I clicked on one of his videos I’ve been coming back for more.

Click here to check out his channel:


  1. Last and not certainly least is the fun, and honest Molly Burke. She has an amazing positive attitude towards life, and I love how she helps educate the public in funny, yet down to earth ways, about blindness.  These videos make me want to continue to smile even more everyday even though I face many challenges as someone who also has a visual impairment.

Click here to find Molly’s latest video:


Please take note readers, this blog post was not sponsored by YouTube or any of the YouTubers that I have mentioned above.

How has 2017 been….June

Hi Blog world,

Another month has quickly pasted, and instead of complaining about being on Unemployment Island I’ve decided to pick out three positive things that happened!

  1. I got to have lunch with a  group of my friends! We went to an Italian restaurant I had a meatball sub; and it was amazing.  I even got to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. (One of my favorites 🙂 )

2. I have the most supportive group of friends in the whole wide world. From here locally to all the way from England to India. They support my writing and what I am trying to achieve.  When we get a chance to chat online we have a blast and I couldn’t be more thankful for them.

3. Lastly, I got to see a live taping of a show called “Inner Voices,” this specific show was about an Indian named Chief  Blue-Eyes and about his culture. The show was very interesting and I learned a lot.

After the taping my supervisor and I went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my one year work anniversary.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

My Internship with She’s Social: Week 20: Posting a video on Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week for me was a short week, because I needed to take two days off. When I returned to my internship on Wednesday, I was eager to get back to work; this week, my supervisor had me share a video for an upcoming Christian concert that is going to be coming up in November.

To help reach the most people, my supervisor, had me reach the target of local audience and our surrounding county. To do this I have a technique.

We have groups that we follow on Facebook, and I go into our groups page and find groups that meet our goal; I write those groups down on a piece of paper. Then I go to the video click share in groups-type the group in and share.

This makes it very easy for me to do my work. It’s also very easy for me to keep track of who I shared the video with because I use Google Doc to keep track of all my work.

Another thing I did this week was manage the Facebook page for our site. On Wednesday I had over 100 e-mails to look at, yet most of them were just status updates.  Having a folder to put them in keeps me organized. I like to keep organized and it helps me reach my goals as an intern.

The last thing I did this week was listen to the Grown and Dating radio show. This week show was on intelligence. If you do not listen to the show already, feel free to find us on Facebook at Grown & Dating.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene




My internship with She’s social:Week 9:Preparing to contact the media

Hi Blog world,

This week I have been working on gathering contact information so we can send out our press releases.

I am enjoying this project because I get to see all the different kinds of magazines that are out there. This has reminded me that there are several places to write for, and if I work hard I can live my dream of being a writer.

To be honest, I see myself as a successful writer, spending most of my days living a very busy life, and being  very independent.

Blog Soon,

Amanda Gene

Senior year!

Hi Blog world

Well, it’s here: my senior year of college! I was so excited to start my last year of college, but the day before classes started the school decided to shut down  for three days because of the Tropical Storm Isaac.  I wasn’t very board during those three days of school because my Feature Writing teacher told us to send him a sample of our writing, so I have been writing and reading away from that point.

Since, that small break from school, the school year has been in full force and there have been small problems that had to be conquered. For example, at my dorm, the internet has been very bad. So I have been in the library studying.  That’s why it’s taken me so long to blog! So sorry about that!

Because I am a senior, the focus of my classes this year is big projects. Projects that must be done off campus, and because of my disability that can be a problem – thank goodness for my chauffeur.  Oh well, like my Grandma S says, “It will all work out,”

Speaking of school, my white cane training has been going good. My last lesson was a blindfolded walk and I didn’t do as well as I wanted too. I have to conquer this skill and I will.

I also wanted my readers to know, we should have a Q and A session sometime. Just leave your questions or comments bellow.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene