How has 2017 been…May

Hi Blog world,

As I sit here drinking my almost cold coffee, I also take a glance at my planner. Boy, May was filled with excitement! As you know, I’m the intern for She’s Social, and we had our launch party this month. For weeks leading up to the party I worked hard gathering information that my supervisor asked of me. We had meetings on how she wanted the launch party to go. I’m happy to say that the launch party was a success and everyone had a great time. There was music, dancing, poetry, and speeches. The room was filled with great energy.

IMG_0595 (1)
I took a Selfie at the launch Party! Don’t I look pretty?

Now onto my journey with my long-three year stay on unemployment island. My job coaches found a hot job lead as a receptionist. I went to the interview ready to nail it! I dressed for success and showed interest in the company.  I felt like my interviewing skills have improved, yet I was not chosen….

Another thing one of my job coaches did to help me leave the island was to help me pick out two more dress for success outfits for interviews. I like my new outfits and feel like I can nail my next interview.

Until my next interview though I will be chatting with my friends about the minimal resources I have, and how I can build a boat that will not sink when I start paddling out towards employment island.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene