Halloween This Or That Tag Questions

  1. 1. Chocolate candy or fruity? I love chocolate candy. My favorite is a KitKat bar.
    Witches of Vampires? I love the idea of witches; one of my earliest memories is being dressed up as a witch.
    3. Trick or Treat? I love treats especially chocolate.
    4. Halloween Party or Scary Movie? I love Halloween parties especially where there are games that can be played to win prizes.
    5. Skeletons or Zombies? I like the idea of Zombies better than Skeletons.
    6. Trick-or-Treat or Hand Out Candy? I would love to go Trick-or-Treating again. I tried handing out candy once, however I did not care for it.
    7. Hay Ride or Corn Maze? I think I would prefer the corn maze.
    8. Scary Costume or Funny Costume? I love funny costumes. My favorite costume I wore was dressing up as blind as a bat girl.
    9. Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie? I love pumpkin pie.
    10. Bottle Feed A Baby Zombie or Walk Alone Through A Dark Forest? I would not mind walking through a dark forest alone.
    11. Bats or Black Cats? Black cats hands down. Just pass me a tissue because cats make me sneeze.
    12. Pumpkin Spice or hot Chocolate? I love hot chocolate. Its one of my favorites.
    13. Celebrate in your neighborhood or at the mall? The mall no questions asked.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. 🙂

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Blast from the past…Halloween

Hi Blog world,


As I sat here thinking of Halloweens past, I thought about how much fun I had as a child.  I had fun dressing up as Underdog, Casper the friendly ghost and a puppy.

Growing up, I would trick or treat around my grandparents’ neighborhood, and my mother and I visited local restaurants where I could get a free meal, candy or a toy.

One of my most memorable Halloween’s was when I was about 13 years of age and I dressed up as a ninja. My parents were working at a nursing home at the time, and there was a carnival going on. I remember playing musical  chairs and the dart board toss. I had a great time; I remember receiving a lot of compliments for my costume.

Another great memory that I have was after I found out I had a visual impairment. During that season, I gave myself the nickname “blind as a bat girl”. During dress up day for school, I dressed in a cape and I wore ears. My teachers were pleased that I was able to make some light-hearted fun about my disability and that I was adjusting well to my diagnosis.

Once I even dressed Noodles up as a vampire. Everyone thought that her costume was cute. She was a good sport about wearing it.


When I got older, I stopped dressing up and began helping pass out candy to our local trick or treaters. That was fun and it was nice seeing all the children dressed up in different costumes.

How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you go to trunk or treats or walk the neighborhoods? What is your favorite costume from past Halloweens? What is your favorite kind of candy? Tell me in the comments below. I’m excited to read everyone’s responses.

With that, I hope all of you enjoy tonight’s festivities.  Stay safe and remember to wear things that help you stay visible. Happy Halloween!


Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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