Could you go without coffee?

The taste of  coffee is one of the things I look forward to having in the morning. But would I be able to give it up forever?

No, I would not be able to give up coffee forever because its part of my morning routine. My Coffee Cup is one of the first things I reach for after I have completed my morning chores.

The second reason I could not give up coffee is because of the number of cups I have during the day.  I usually have two to three cups to help me get through the day, and I feel  like coffee gives me lasting energy.

Lastly, I just love the taste of coffee. Now, for me, I must have milk in my coffee. I’ve tried to drink it black, however I can not stand black coffee.  I grew up with coffee, well, to be honest, It was more milk in my cup than coffee. Perhaps, that’s where this habit of drinking coffee all started.

What would you have to give up? Would you be able to give it up? Tell me in the comments below.

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My Internship with She’s Social: Week 22: Posting a concert video to Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week was a short week for me because I took one personal day off and because of the holiday.  This week I worked on posting a Christian concert that would be going on this week.

I feel that I finally have a good technique for being able to post the videos and flyers quickly and effectively. I went onto our groups, and because I’m always looking and adding more groups to our page, I was able to decide which groups needed to be sent the video. I find it easier for me to write down the names of the groups rather than for me to search for them in the send to group page.

The first day of sending the video out when great, and I was happy with the progress I made. I had a plan of who else I needed to send the video to the next day. However on the second day, there was a technical problem with our Facebook page. I had to use a different account, and I was able to complete the assignment without any problems.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


My Internship with She’s Social: Week 21: Becoming more confident with social media: Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week was a busy one to say the least. I’ve been working very hard learning how to manage our social media Facebook page more effectively; and I’m happy to say, despite some technical issues I’m getting more and more confident in my ability to post and to a wider audience.

My tasks for this week were to post a Christian concert that is going to be going on next week. This task was very easy for me to do since I now have some organization to it. I went into the groups and selected the groups that would be a great fit for this concert; then I went to the concert video and one by one sent that video to the group that I selected.  I find that keeping a notepad nearby and writing down who I sent it to is a very good way to keep track of the number of people I sent it to.  Once that task was fulfilled, I started to look for more groups to follow; and I’m happy to report I found a lot!

The second task didn’t turn out like I needed it too. I was supposed to send out reminders for the radio show that is going to be airing on Thursday; however Facebook sent me a message saying that there was a problem with posting. I had to email my supervisor, and the error is going to be fixed, and my schedule for the deadline for this task was adjusted.  In the meantime, I went back to posting the concert.

Even though I had a tough time with the second assignment I still had a great and productive week.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

My Internship with She’s Social: Week 20: Posting a video on Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week for me was a short week, because I needed to take two days off. When I returned to my internship on Wednesday, I was eager to get back to work; this week, my supervisor had me share a video for an upcoming Christian concert that is going to be coming up in November.

To help reach the most people, my supervisor, had me reach the target of local audience and our surrounding county. To do this I have a technique.

We have groups that we follow on Facebook, and I go into our groups page and find groups that meet our goal; I write those groups down on a piece of paper. Then I go to the video click share in groups-type the group in and share.

This makes it very easy for me to do my work. It’s also very easy for me to keep track of who I shared the video with because I use Google Doc to keep track of all my work.

Another thing I did this week was manage the Facebook page for our site. On Wednesday I had over 100 e-mails to look at, yet most of them were just status updates.  Having a folder to put them in keeps me organized. I like to keep organized and it helps me reach my goals as an intern.

The last thing I did this week was listen to the Grown and Dating radio show. This week show was on intelligence. If you do not listen to the show already, feel free to find us on Facebook at Grown & Dating.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene




My internship with She’s Social: Week 19: More Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week, I got to work on my social media skills again; I am getting more comfortable using the new social media account page; this page makes it much easier for me to post our social media posts at once. I found out this week that you can forward messages to different groups all at once.  This helps with time management as I am busy with all different kinds of tasks for my internship. This week, I posted a flyer for a Christian concert that will be happening in November.

Another one of my tasks is to join groups that help us reach our mission of our magazine or the radio show.  It gives me an idea of what kinds of groups I should be joining to help me with my professional Facebook page.

I worked on writing down some ideas I had for my professional blog; I really want to take after my supervisors lead and have an active blog and Facebook page.  It’s going to take some time to get to the point that she’s at; however, I know I can get there.

This past Thursday, I got to listen to my supervisor’s Grown and Dating radio show; the topic was on Celibacy 101, and it was nice to hear other people’s opinions on the topic; it also gave me some insight of how a radio show is run.

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Amanda Gene




My internship with She’s Social: Week 6: Working with Social Media

Hi Blog world,

Today, I got to work with Social Media. I got to post a flyer about one of our upcoming events; I hope to improve this skill in the future. I really like working with social media. My favorite has to be Facebook followed by Twitter.

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Blog soon,

Amanda Gene