Shopping and compass directions (independent living skills series 16)

The van was late, but I still made it on time. Once everyone was in the student lounge, our main teacher told us about a focus group meeting that was being held at the main office. I, along with two other students, were chosen to go to the meeting. That meant that my lesson was going to be cut short.

Once again, I was assigned Orientation and Mobility.  My teacher gave me a choice of what I wanted to work on. Because I feel like I was getting stressed with the street crossings I decided to work at the mall. The mall was not as busy as I expected it to be. As we looked around at what the stores had to offer my teacher asked me questions like, “What direction is the water?” The answer was simple; its in the South. Because I was looking for more shorts I had to ask someone for directions for that department. I followed the persons directions and as I was traveling my teacher asked me what direction I was going. Sometimes I would get the direction right and other times I would get it wrong. It is definitely something that I need to work on more. We found the shorts, but I could not find any style that I liked. I still made out pretty well. I got a pair of tan shorts, a pair of gray pants and a camo top. All for $20.00.

Once we were done with our lesson we made a quick stop through a drive through. I got a hamburger and a large coke for $4.00.

We then went to the meeting. I can not tell you what happened at the meeting because it is confidential, however I can tell you about what happened afterwards. I was supposed to close my case in September, however because I advocated for myself that I still was struggling with my travel and cooking skills my caseworker extended my Individual Employment Plan until next March. That is such a big relief off my shoulders.

I am not sure what lesson I will have next week, but I will keep building my confidence one lesson at a time.


Compass directions…

Hi Blog world,

Yesterday, my teacher and I went downtown and we worked on compass directions, along with crossing streets, landmarks, and crowd travel.  I did well on my landmarks, crowd travel and crossing streets.  However, I am still learning the compass directions.  Since I have a good grip on the cardinal directions my teacher decided that I could start learning my sub cardinal directions.  This was very confusing to me at first but after practicing them I am getting a grip on this.

To make this lesson easier, we had our compass with us.  Sadly, “Bob the compass” was taken back to the store, and my teacher brought a new compass. The compass I joking named “R2D2” from the star wars movie, because the compass looked like that robot.

These compass directions will come in handy if someone gives me directions such as.  “The food store is at 123 East Street two blocks from the furniture store.”

Have any of you had to help someone who is visually impaired or blind by giving them compass directions? Tell me in the comments below. 

Blog  soon,

Amanda Gene