2019: More Movement, Patience and Positivity: June edition

June has come and gone. I really used this past month to work on myself.

Movement-This is the first pillar of my theme for this year. Not only is it a reminder for me to exercise and to lose weight-which is an ongoing battle-but this pertains to movement in life. That is why, along with a friend, I worked through a self-help book. This book helped me work through my past. Now I no longer have to carry my past, and I feel happier and calmer. Along with working on myself I continue to work on my writing and my channel. I am still working on my Secret Project. It is slowly coming along. I finally bought an attachment for my microphone, and I feel that it has improved the quality of my videos.

Patience is the second pillar of my theme for this year. It is a value that I am still working on. To be honest, sometimes I feel stuck with my goals. Because I have felt this way, my friends and grandfather have been reminding me that I have to keep working on my goals until God moves me to the next season of my life. This gives me peace knowing that God will move me in his time and at his pace. Yes, it is okay to have patience.

Positivity is my third pillar of my theme for this year. I really had to get friends and family to remind me that being positive is going to make life easier. For example, Duke got a rash and grandpa and I had to take him to the vet. I was really worried about Duke. However, the vet was able to give him some medicine to help him feel better. He is now back to his old self. I am also very happy that SANE: Changing Mental Health for Good posted a photo and one of my blogs to their Twitter page. Life is good. I am eager to see what July brings.

Remember I believe in each and every one of you. You can achieve your dreams and goals one day, one step at a time.

2019: More Movement, Patience and Positivity March edition

2019 seems to be going by so quickly. March is a special month for me. First, my birthday is in March. I had a great birthday. I got lots of messages from friends on my Facebook wall and on Twitter. I got some cards in the mail and some gifts. I was able to go out to lunch with some friends, and then grandpa took me out to dinner.

I take time to reflect on the past year. I am able to look at the lessons that life has taught me. On my birthday, I remind myself to focus on what my future holds. I believe I have a great future in front of me. I just have to work hard and believe in myself.

Not only is my birthday special, but March turns the seasons from winter to spring. In my recent blog post  whatmakesme, I told my audience that spring is my favorite season. This is because not only is it a great time to get outside and walk more, but it is a season of hope. One of my goals this year is to get more exercise.  I feel that walking really helps my hips and my weight. I am doing well with my continuing education classes that I take online. I feel like I am learning a lot. My projects for my business are going well too.

When it comes to patience, I have learned it takes time to achieve a goal, to grow your network, ect. That’s okay. I am achieving something.

Positivity brings everything together including movement and patience. Being positive helps me achieve my dreams.