Summer update

Hi Blog world,

I just wanted to update you guys. I made an A on my midterm, and now I only have a week left of school. I can’t wait to be done. I will also be leaving my Aunt and Uncle and my grandma. I will miss them terrible. I love them so much and I can’t thank them enough for there love and support.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Summer classes

Hi Blog world,

I have been working on my class and even though there was a computer problem; I am not back on track. Next week I will have two lessons and a midterm. I am so nervous about my exam, but I am sure that it will all work on in the end.

In other news, I have been helping out around the house, doing chores.  I have also been playing with Mouse, my Aunt’s and Uncle’s new puppy. Boy, he is full of energy and loves to run!

I have also decided to start a small workout program. I have started lifting weights. I know that isn’t much of a start but that is something to help me get fit.  Not only will it be good for my general health, it will be good for when, or should I say if, I get a guide dog. I have also been taking Mouse for a few walks during the day.  I believe that there is a limit saying a person must be able to walk at least four miles before they can get a guide dog.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Hello from the road-traveling around the US

Hi Blog world,

Hello from the road; I am traveling around the US. I am currently visiting family and friends.  So far I have visited my Aunts, Uncles, and my cousin.

I am also taking a computer class online for the summer and so far it has been going well.  I had to create a new blog for my Computer Mediated Communications class.  I will add a new page, and I will add the link to that blog site as soon as it is up and running.  One quick note though, I will continue to use my WordPress blog as my main blog.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Spring Term 2012

Hi Blog world,

I just wanted to drop a line.  I finished my Spring Term, and I am very happy with how hard I had worked and what my end result was.  I got straight A’s.

I would like to thank all of my teachers for working with me.  You guys are amazing teachers, and I want you to know that I learned a lot.

Tomorrow I start another term of school.  I am taking a class that has to deal with computers.  I am excited.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Thank you to my SouthSide family, and friends

Hi Blog world,

Well, it’s getting closer and closer to the end of the term, and with that comes packing and thinking about how fast this year has gone by. But, I won’t be leaving without thanking some very special people in my life:  My SouthSide family. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support you guys have given me throughout this school year. You guys are amazing! I couldn’t have done it without you. I have grown by leaps and bounds.

Jessica, thank you for all of your love and support, for helping me when I was sick, for helping me with my homework, and for being a great friend! I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me you’re amazing! Diesel, you’re a great dog. Keep chasing your tail and having fun.

Grace, Ryan, Ashlee, and Kristen thank you for all the advice you have given me, and for helping me with my computer problems. Aileen, you’re amazing! Thank you for hanging out with me.

Richard, thank you for helping me when I needed it. Good luck next year in the apartments!

Southside family, thank you ALL for your support. You guys are amazing! I’m going to miss you guys!

Becca, thank you so much for taking me to 8:28, CRASH, and hanging out with me! You are amazing! I am looking forward to seeing all my 8:28 and CRASH friends next year. I miss you guys so much.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


Team Cronkite

These past few weeks have flown by. As our last assignment, in Media Convergence, we had to do a group project. For our group project we had to write a six hundred word story together and then each of us had to write a side bar of three hundred words.

For the six hundred word story we decided, as a team, that we would write about students who were having problems graduating on time because of a lack of appropriate classes at UWF. I interviewed our Communications advisor. I learned that she is working with students to make sure that they the students meet their class requirements and their graduation date.

I was worried about my story the most because for the last month I have not been feeling well. I’m ok. I went to my doctor, received antibiotics and I am on the way to recovery.  So, to keep on top of things, I started my story right away. I did interviews, and took pictures. Sadly, my pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted them too, and I am sure that I will pay a price when my grade is reduced.  My story was on student housing and I feel like I learned a lot about how the housing system works. I met with the director of management for housing and I learn that housing costs go up because of utility and maintenance costs, and also because of the areas around town that offers other housing options for students.

One thing I learned from the group project is to not interrupt people while they are talking! I am so sorry guys. It’s something that I need to work on and the next time I have a group project I will do better. I also wish my photos where better. I am still learning how to take better photos and what to look for as far as lighting goes.

All in All, I feel that this was a good group project and I think that we did well with this. Go team Cronkite: Kevin, Amanda, Alejandra, and Carole! We made it through the term!

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Word count: 370

Housing Rates for 2012-2013 school year

So you are thinking about your living arrangements for the next school year and you can’t decide if you want to live on campus or off. Well, take a look at the pros and cons of both worlds and then decide for yourself. Living on campus can have many advantages such as living close to the classroom buildings, and being close to friends.

“I like the convince of living on campus,” said communications major Kaylea Todd. “For example, I forgot a paper in my apartment and did not realize it until I got to class. I still had time to run back to my apartment, grab my paper, and make it back to class.”

Another student agrees.

“My favorite thing about living on campus is being so very centralized,” said music education major Gwendolyn Hernandez. “The long I have to walk to get to classes or anywhere else is ten to fifteen minutes. It’s easy to get things done, because it isn’t a tedious hassle to get from place to place.”

Here’s the drawback: Next year, housing rent will be going up.

“Well, we’re going up by about six percent.” said Daniel J. Motherway, who is the business manager of The University of west Florida housing and residence life. “It’s not six percent straight across the board, over all it’s about six percent. We do a market study every year where we go back and look at the apartment complexes and the immediate area. We go back and look at all of the housing complexes for all the major universities in Florida and some in Southern Alabama because we consider them our competitors and competitors for students.”

After housing looks at how the rates for the competitors are doing they look at other factors such as what new buildings are being built and other bills that need to be paid, such as utility bills and then they look at how the future is looking as far as what building need to be built and what mortgagees need to be paid.

“We used to set our rates and then we come up with a rate schedule and we have Argo, Martin, and Pace is one rate and the Heritage hall and Presidents hall is going to be another rate and the apartments are a different rate and then we compare the market, compare what we want to do, with what is happening out in town and the other universities and normally we try to go up about around six percent, even though, university as a whole is usually going up about like fifteen percent, something like that. But we try to keep it a little bit less than that because we need to stay competitive with the surrounding community. If we go up to high then we kind of price ourselves out of the market where students don’t want to stay with us anymore so we kinda are doing a balancing act.” said Motherway.

But all in all, it’s up to the board of trusties to make sure the rates are balanced, and that the university will be able to meet the university’s  needs.

What about living off campus? There are many different types of options available. UWF has a website that is on hand to help students find affordable housing nearby.

Living off campus does have advantages and disadvantages.

One student explains why he likes the advantages of living off campus.

“Well, being off campus, you know I get to have an apartment I get to choose my own roommates,” said master program student Carlos Fabre Estrada “There’s more freedom as far as, I am of drinking age for example; so I can have alcohol if I so decide I can actually do my thing.” said Estrada.