Amanda Gene Tries Crisps (potato chips) and chocolate from the U.K.

I was very excited to bring back, by popular demand, another Amanda Gene tries video. I decided to try some more chocolate and crisps (potato chips) from the United Kingdom.

The first thing I ordered for this video was a pack of four Flake candy bars. I got them from Amazon for $4.58 with free shipping. I have tasted other candy by Cadbury before so my expectations were high. The taste of the chocolate was smooth and very sweet. I enjoyed it. The texture of the bar does live up to its name Flake. I highly recommend this candy bar to anyone looking to try something new. I will order more if I have the chance.

The next thing I ordered was a variety package of Walkers Classic Crisps. I ordered them from Amazon for $4.95 with free shipping. The flavors I bought were Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar, and Cheese & Onion. The first flavor I tried was the ready salted. This flavor reminded me of the plain lays potato chips we have here in America. To me there was nothing special about them, however I did enjoy them. The next flavor I tried was salt & Vinegar. I think they were good; however, I would not want a steady diet of them because of the strong lingering taste of vinegar I had in my mouth once I finished them. The last flavor I tried was cheese & onion. This was my favorite flavor. For me this is a flavor that I cannot find here in the States. The cheese flavor really made an impact on the onion. I would definitely order the cheese & onion flavor again.

I enjoyed tasting these chips and chocolate from the United Kingdom. Let me know what other treats and from what country I should try next by leaving a comment down below.

Author’s note: The links provided in this blog post are nonaffiliated with me in any way. I provided them in case you want to order your own treats. 😊

Author: Amanda Gene

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16 thoughts on “Amanda Gene Tries Crisps (potato chips) and chocolate from the U.K.”

  1. I like English food, especially shepherds pie or potato/leek soup. Bangers and mash are good, too. And, of course, fish and chips. Like you, I like some of the candy or biscuits. Interesting review! 🇬🇧

  2. I loved this! I’m a Brit & loved hearing your experience with a couple of my favs!! Flakes have forever been my downfall haha! We have them in ice cream too, it’s called a 99, a soft whipped ice cream cone with a flake popped in! They are small treat sized tho!

  3. This looks like such a fun thing to try, I love trying foods from all over. I’ve found a yummy granola I order from London occasionally called Keto Hana.

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