Turing 30!

This week has been a lot of fun…because I’m turning 30! I can’t believe that I reached a new milestone. I had a lot of fun on my birthday; I received lots of Facebook posts, tweets, and card.

The next night after my birthday, my grandpa and I had a nice quiet dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I had a small salad, fish, and fries. Of course, to top it all off I had to have a coke. 🙂

With a new milestone goals have to be set and met.  I want to continue working on my career goals. I really would love to work for a non-profit using my writing and social media skills. I would like to continue working on my education. Right now, I’m taking continuing educational classes, however, I would to get my master’s degree one day.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who took their time out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday.  Especially, the doctors, who helped me fight the battle of being a preemie- Without you I wouldn’t be enjoying life today.

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