A day out with friends

Hi Blog world,

I had an amazing weekend. I got to spend the whole day with my best friend. I’ve been missing my best friend a lot since we haven’t been able to get together since April. So she surprised me with a Christmas gift of hanging out for the whole day. We had a blast.

We first went to Applebee’s for lunch, and we all have hamburgers. I had the Quesadilla burger I really like this burger because it combines two of my favorite things, Mexican and hamburgers. The burger had a great mixture of sweet and spice with a crunch from the quesadilla. I loved the fries too. (That’s one of my guilty pleasures 🙂 )

Once we were done eating we went to the movies, and we continued to enjoy the day with a big bowl of popcorn that we shared together. I had a vanilla coke too. That was really sweet. To top that off, I had Reese’s Pieces (which is another one of my favorites)

The movie we saw was called “The Star,” and I enjoyed the movie. It was funny, and easy to follow since I’m visually impaired. If you haven’t seen the movie I highly recommend you go see it.

I really enjoyed spending the day out with my friends.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Author: Amanda Gene

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Amanda Gene. I am a disability and mental health freelancer. I would love to work with your company and I provide writing on a variety of topics on disability and mental health. Feel free to contact me via email at: Amanda@amandagene.com

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