How has 2017 been…March

Hi Blog world,

As I sit here looking at my monthly planner I came to realize what a good month it’s been.  This month was exciting because of my birthday. Many of my family and friends made my birthday extra special. The weekend before my birthday my best friend came over. We played cards, went for a walk, and read a book for our book club. We even went to one of my favorite restaurants. Another reason my birthday was special was because my grandpa and I went out to eat at a quiet restaurant; and I was able to share what I had on my mind. These memories are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

As part of my internship experience I was able to attend impact 100. This was my first time out in the field and I learned a lot. Click here to read about my first time out in the field

Lastly, during the last week of March, I took a pre-employment class. This class taught me a lot of skills, such as how to update my resume. I think that this class was helpful when it comes to getting my dream job. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to get to my dream, however one day I’ll get to my dream of being a famous writer.

I can’t wait to see what April brings.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Author: Amanda Gene

Hi, welcome to my website. My name is Amanda Gene. I am a disability and mental health freelancer. I would love to work with your company and I provide writing on a variety of topics on disability and mental health. Feel free to contact me via email at:

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