My internship with She’s Social: Week 23: An Easy Week

Hi Blog world,

This week was a very good week as an intern! I say that because this week went very fast. On Monday, it was a short day, all I had to do was find some information about social media and how magazines use them to gain an audience. Learning about social media and how to use it effectively; I got done early that day so I took the rest of the day off (with my supervisor’s permission).

Then on Wednesday, we had a luncheon meeting; we both enjoyed the meeting and our food. During our meeting, we talked about goals for the rest of the year as well as next year. I’m excited what the New Year is going to bring for the magazine.

The rest of the week, I just had to transcribed notes from the meeting that we had on Wednesday; it was good for me to review what we had discussed and to write down some goals for me to work on once I get back from vacation. …Well, I’m going to go plan my week of rest and relaxation since that’s what a vacation is all about.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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