My Internship with She’s Social: Week 22: Posting a concert video to Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week was a short week for me because I took one personal day off and because of the holiday.  This week I worked on posting a Christian concert that would be going on this week.

I feel that I finally have a good technique for being able to post the videos and flyers quickly and effectively. I went onto our groups, and because I’m always looking and adding more groups to our page, I was able to decide which groups needed to be sent the video. I find it easier for me to write down the names of the groups rather than for me to search for them in the send to group page.

The first day of sending the video out when great, and I was happy with the progress I made. I had a plan of who else I needed to send the video to the next day. However on the second day, there was a technical problem with our Facebook page. I had to use a different account, and I was able to complete the assignment without any problems.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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