My internship with She’s Social: Week 19: More Facebook

Hi Blog world,

This week, I got to work on my social media skills again; I am getting more comfortable using the new social media account page; this page makes it much easier for me to post our social media posts at once. I found out this week that you can forward messages to different groups all at once.  This helps with time management as I am busy with all different kinds of tasks for my internship. This week, I posted a flyer for a Christian concert that will be happening in November.

Another one of my tasks is to join groups that help us reach our mission of our magazine or the radio show.  It gives me an idea of what kinds of groups I should be joining to help me with my professional Facebook page.

I worked on writing down some ideas I had for my professional blog; I really want to take after my supervisors lead and have an active blog and Facebook page.  It’s going to take some time to get to the point that she’s at; however, I know I can get there.

This past Thursday, I got to listen to my supervisor’s Grown and Dating radio show; the topic was on Celibacy 101, and it was nice to hear other people’s opinions on the topic; it also gave me some insight of how a radio show is run.

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Blog soon,

Amanda Gene




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