My internship with She’s social: Week 17: more contacts

Hi Blog world,

This week was a busy one. I had to collect more magazine contacts; and boy, there were a lot of them! The hardest part for me was that some of the magazine contacts were not accessible to me on their website, or they did not have any contact information listed at all. Luckily, for me, there was a lot of contacts that needed to be collected.

When I first started looking at the list, I felt overwhelmed, however I persevered and I was able to get the list completed.

Besides, doing the contacts, I wrote a short bio for the “About me” section of our website. For me that was the most exciting part of my week. This is because I was able use my writing process skills. I first sat down and brained stormed what I wanted to tell the audience, then I wrote a short draft. After I wrote my first draft, I took a day and thought about what I wrote. I edited the bio, and was able to tell what I love to do to help make She’s Social shine as a company. 

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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