My internship with She’s Social: Week 15: Taking continuing educational classes


Hi Blog world,

This week was an enjoyable one because I got to learn about sales and marketing by listening to Zig Ziglar. I now have a basic understanding of how the world of marketing and sales work.

Another motivational speaker I listened to this week was Les Brown. I liked his speeches because he spoke about letting the past go, and that we need to do this to set clearer goals for the future; I personally, struggle with letting the past go. In fact, many of my family and friends say I live in the past. I’m neither here in the present nor am I setting goals for the future.  This made me sit down with a notebook and think.

What impressed me and helped me the most was hearing a lecture on how to set goals, having good leadership skills, and how to determine personal success.

I feel that I now have a clearer understand of what I want to achieve for the next few months to a few years down the road. It’s going to take a lot of hard work; however I’ll get there.

To listen to  Zig Ziglar go  to:

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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