Birthday Road Trip: New Orleans

Hi Blog world,

On the 20th of March, my friend and I hit the road for my 28th birthday. I have to admit I had no clue where we were going; and having to wait two weeks made me even more excited.

We drove and drove for what seemed like miles. I knew what state we were in from land marks from previous trips, but I kept guessing as to where we were going. My friend wouldn’t say as to where our final location would be.

Finally, she asked me to get the yellow bag from the back seat….We were headed to New Orleans. I couldn’t be more excited, and I called my best friend to let her know.

We drove until we needed to make a pit stop. We both got candy and soda. A real treat for me. We kept driving until we made it to New Orleans. We stopped for Chinese for lunch. It was good. After lunch, we drove what seemed like more ongoing hours to the city. Once there this city girl had a lot to take in.

There where people walking everywhere, Taxi bikes, trolleys, and horses with carriages. With all the hustle of people, it took an hour of driving around to find a place to park; yet, along the way, there where people, beads, New Orleans charm in houses, and even cool cop cars to look at.

We finally found a public place to part at a hotel. We then hit Bourbon St.

On Bourbon St.
On Bourbon St.

It was like one big party with people coming and going in every direction, shops and bars had their windows and doors wide open to welcome people. The smells of food and of cigarettes filled the air as my friend and I made the way through the crown down to the street corner. Snap! I got my picture taken; and I quickly sent it to my grandpa.

We looked around at all the shops-I was looking for something special to remember this day. So far I found nothing special. Never the less, the day wasn’t over. To be honest, all I really wanted was a drink because I was so hot.  After we had gotten a drink. We made one more stop at a souvenir shop where I got a key chain and a postcard.

Then it was time to leave the city, and head back home. When we got back home I was buzzing with excitement with stories of my first big city adventure. However, my friend had one more surprise for me; a T-Shirt.

Blog Soon,

Amanda Gene


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