Wobbly Wednesday Q and A follow up

Hi Blog world,

On Wednesday, November 4th, I told you guys that I would have a “Wobbly Wednesday” Q and A session.

Since I didn’t get a very large response, I wanted to take this time to explain more about what “Wobbly Wednesday” is; and to explain what Nystagmus is.

First, “Wobbly Wednesday” is an annual day in November (November 4th) to help educate, advocate and share success stories with the public.  The people who have Nystagmus can share and help educate the public in many different ways; this can be done from just answering a few basic questions from a common person. To doing something more wide spread-such as holding a Q and A (Like me 🙂 )

Many people, in the public, have either not heard of Nystagmus, or if they have, they are not sure how to explain it.  So here’s a way to explain what Nystagmus is.  According to the American Nystagmus Network, Nystagmus is an eye condition that affects people. It can come in many different forms of eye movements. This includes up and down, side to side or in a circulatory pattern.

Even though Nystagmus does not have a cure, with support from people in the community, including medical professionals, and with the use of low vision aids including glasses or contacts people with Nystagmus can live full lives.

I have had Nystagmus since I was born. I use low vision aids including a screen reader to use the computer. However, this condition has not stopped me from getting a regular high school diploma, and a college degree in journalism. It just goes to show you that with love and support from the people around you, anyone can overcome challenges that they may have.

If  you have any more questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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