Current Event # 3-Google helping people with disabilities

Hi Blog world,

This week I was looking through a website called, and I stumbled across an article about how Google is working with and finding organizations that help people with disabilities.

I like the fact that they are working to help make the lives of people with disabilities better. I also like the fact that they are working on trying to find solutions to technology problems that are giving people with disabilities problems.

In the article it states that people have problems with their technology and how this can impact the daily lives of people who rely on technology to live.  I can relate to this part of the article because I had a personal problem when I was in college; I had problems getting access to my textbooks. This was because my magnifier was not strong enough for me to be able to read my textbooks. The font was too small for me to read without my magnifier, because of this I struggled to see and do my work.  The class I struggled with the most was my computer class. One other hurdle I had been not being able to read for pleasure.   But once I gained access to a text reader, called Kurzweil 3000, I was able to read my textbooks and I also was able to read for pleasure.

Here’s the link to the article:

What do you think about Google’s efforts to help people with disabilities?  Tell me in the comment below.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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