My trip to the bookstore

Hi Blog world,

Today, I went to the bookstore. The ADA community van was very early, so consequently, I got there early.  Since I didn’t have lunch with my grandparents I went to Starbucks to get some lunch. The lady was so helpful when she told me about the soups and sandwiches they had. I had the chicken and Pesto with broccoli and cheddar soup. The sandwich was toasted, cheesy, and hot. The bread had a nice crunch to it.  The chicken was tasty because of the cheese and pesto, however, the chicken kept sliding off my bread so I didn’t eat all of it. The only other thing that I didn’t like was the taste of tomatoes. The soup was creamy, hot and tasted hardy on an empty stomach. The soup also came with oyster crackers  which added an extra crunch to my soup. I also had a lemonade to drink. It was sweet, but it felt hot to me.  The environment was good too. There was a lot of college students studying. It was nice to have some nice noise while I enjoyed myself.

This is a picture of my lunch


The price of the soup and sandwich was $6.50 and the lemonade was 1.95.  All in all, I feel it was a good meal and it was a good start to my adventure.  After lunch I sat in the Cafe and wrote for an hour. I also texted my friend.  After I got done with that I started shopping. I first looked at the puzzles, then to the children’s and youth section, because my friend and I sometimes read books from that age group. I also looked at the cute stuffed animals.

Then I went and got the book that I had on hold. It looks like a good book and I can’t wait to start reading it.  I looked at the writing books, history books,  Bibles, and other types of books. After a few hours, I went and checked out. I went and got me a hot chocolate from Starbucks and enjoyed it while I waited for the bus.

If was a fun day.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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