Ice Bucket Challenge

Hi Blog world,

It was going crazy all over the internet, the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a lot of my friends where doing the challenge, or they were donating money to the ALS foundation of their choice. I wanted to be nominated to help out this charity that I knew Stephen Hawking was a patron for. Then it came up on my Facebook page, a journalist couldn’t do the challenge because of a personal reason. I stepped up to the plate, and asked if I could take his place; he said I could. I knew that the clock was ticking and I had 24 hours to either donate to the ALS Charity or to dump an icy cold bucket of water over my head. Because I was a broke college graduate I had no choice but to dump water on my head.

On this hot August day, I dumped what I thought was enough ice and cold water into a bucket to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; my friend looked into the bucket, and said with disappointment, girl, you got to put more cold ice cubes and water into the bucket; That’s not enough. So I added more ice and cold water into the bucket….

…As my friend and I went out into the yard to do my video, the weight of the bucket and hearing the sloshing  ice against the bucket made me feel nervous about getting ice and water poured over my head. Now, I knew I was doing this, in part, for one of my fellow journalist colleague who could not do the challenge, however I knew I was doing this for a greater cause for charity.

Once that ice-cold water hit my head I was relieved partly because I was glad it was over, however I was even more glad I did this for a great cause.

I would like to take this time to nominate all the readers of my blog to go out and to either donate to the ALS charity or to do the ice bucket challenge: You have 24 hours….

If you haven’t seen on my other  social media websites, please feel free to watch my #IceBucketChallenge video. Have you done yours?


Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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