Job search and 2nd paratransit trip

Hi Blog world,

I know. I know I haven’t been blogging. I know that I shouldn’t be making excuses as to why I’m not blogging, but I guess it’s just that I’ve been lazy and I’m not really sure what to blog about, but now that has changed.  Now before I just telling you about my week I feel like I have to back up to the past few months to help fill in the gaps so that way no one gets lost. First, I’ve been working with a job coach to help me find a job in the community.  She has been a great help when it comes to getting ideas and finding job leads. My first job interview was in June with a local law firm.  The job was  a writing position, and even though I thought I did well during the interview, I didn’t get the job.  But that’s okay I just keep looking and applying. This time, the job I interviewed for was for a receptionist/office assistant. Now it’s just waiting and finding out how I did. In the meantime, I’m writing.

Also in June my future God Mother and I went to the local public library, during that time I worked on my fifty questions to think about, and some other writing that I have been working on. I hope to have to project completed soon but we will see in time if I ever get it done…. Anyway, today I took the public ADA transportation for the second time.  If you haven’t read about my first trip please feel free to read about it here:

This trip went better than the first. The transportation picked me up at time.  I was able to enjoy the time I spent at the library: I looked at magazines, since I want to freelance some of my articles, I looked at some of the books that were on sell, found a book about Norway, and I even asked about volunteering. What I was worried about the most was being picked up on time, but while I was waiting, I saw two friends that I knew. It was nice running into them today while I was waiting.  All in all, my fears were calmed because I was able to call the transportation and make sure the van was coming on time. It was and I was relieved that it came on time.

It was really a great day! 🙂

Blog  soon,

Amanda Gene

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