My 26th Birthday!

Hi Blog World,

Wow! 26th years in the making. Where did the time go? It seems just like yesterday, when I was a little girl I was wanting to know what it would be like to be in my 2o’s but now I know.  Today has been so special.  Filled with so many memories I will hold on to for the rest of my life. Today, I stopped and I watched a DVD of me in the NICU and then I stopped and thought about what one very special friend has been saying to me, “Amanda, there are a lot of people who have it worse than you.” As I watched this video and thought about what she has and is going to continue saying, I know she’s right. 26 years ago I was fighting for my life.  My parents, doctors, nurses, family, and friends weren’t sure what would happen or what the future had in store for this baby who only weight 1 pound, 5 oz. and was only 12 in. long. But you know what? I’m lucky…I’m here.

Blowing out my candles…

With that being said, like I do every year, I want to take this time to thank the doctors, nurse and people who helped save my life.  Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you everyone for the great day.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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