Learning about Public Transportation

Hi Blog world,

On Friday, My teacher and I started learning our last unit which is on Public Transportation.  We went to the local bus station and got a map of routes and looked at them. Then we watched the buses pull in and out of the gates. I also learned about the time schedule of the buses, and that there are two different waiting areas for people to wait for the buses. We also reviewed what a bus sign looks like. Ours is blue with a picture of a cat on it.  I am excited about learning these lessons and I am nervous too because I never used public transportation before except for the school bus, a train ride and an airplane ride. During this unit I will also learn about how to use a taxi, how to make pick up appointments, drop offs, and other modes of transportation besides the local bus.

After this unit is completed, my case worker has decided that I will be able to graduate from the training program in February.  This means lots of hard work for my teacher and I but we are up to the challenge! I am so excited for the months ahead!

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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