Senior year!

Hi Blog world

Well, it’s here: my senior year of college! I was so excited to start my last year of college, but the day before classes started the school decided to shut down  for three days because of the Tropical Storm Isaac.  I wasn’t very board during those three days of school because my Feature Writing teacher told us to send him a sample of our writing, so I have been writing and reading away from that point.

Since, that small break from school, the school year has been in full force and there have been small problems that had to be conquered. For example, at my dorm, the internet has been very bad. So I have been in the library studying.  That’s why it’s taken me so long to blog! So sorry about that!

Because I am a senior, the focus of my classes this year is big projects. Projects that must be done off campus, and because of my disability that can be a problem – thank goodness for my chauffeur.  Oh well, like my Grandma S says, “It will all work out,”

Speaking of school, my white cane training has been going good. My last lesson was a blindfolded walk and I didn’t do as well as I wanted too. I have to conquer this skill and I will.

I also wanted my readers to know, we should have a Q and A session sometime. Just leave your questions or comments bellow.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

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