What would you want to read about…

Hi Blog world,
I would like to give my readers a chance to tell me what you would like to read. Leave a comment below. I am looking forward to hearing about your ideas.
Blog  soon,

Amanda Gene


3 thoughts on “What would you want to read about…”

  1. I’ve never responded to a “blog,” and I generally need help with doing things with my computer and my cellphone, both. However, I love to read. I have always said if you left me in a cabin in a woody holler in the mountains, with only my books, a couple of candles, room to garden, and my pets and dogs, and a means of communicating with those dear to me, I would be happy.

    Right now I am reading Psalm 83, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Revelation, and any passage directly related to what I am studying.

    I also love mysteries: Patricia Cornwell, Robin Cook, and Daniel Silva.
    One of my most favorite reads is the set All Creatures Great and Small set. (Amanda, because you love to read and you love animals and because it will make you laugh, I will have to get you the first book, All Creatures Great and Small. If you like it you move on to All Things Bright and Beautiful, etc.
    I enjoy reading about East and Central European History, exploring what life was like “back then,” and how the people coped with their world. They are not so unlike us.

    And, finally, since I have ovarian cancer and always wanted to be a nurse I read a lot of medical articles,research reportss, books on beating cancer. I’m obviously not old enough to stop studying and learning. A good book is by Dr. David Servan Schreiber, a French medical doctor and researcher who diagnosed his own brain cancer. He went through the routine, surgery, chemo, radiation, and went back to his hectic life of rushing, working, burning the candle at both ends, drinking soda, eating fast food because he was working so hard (gee, there is a lesson for me, I think my doctors have talked to me about this?

    Anyway, in two years he was back at square one. He went through the routine again and decided that if he was going to live he was going to have to figure out how to help treat himself and make a difference. He turned his research skills into a new life work exploring how to improve our odds against cancer. After making the changes his research indicated were necessary for fighting his cancer, he lived another 10-15 years(?) before finally succumbing to the disease.

    He wrote a book, Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Living. You can buy it on Amazon.com. Amazing book, it has become my fighting cancer bible. He also has several videos on youtube. The short ones are snippets of his biography on various television stations. The one I like the best though is 58 minutes long, a lecture given at the University of California at San Francisco, in which he tells his life story, and then he explains why certain foods, carcinogens cause cancer and what can be done to help your doctor fight the disease. Very informative, and the graphs on the screen behind him are so helpful for those who need to visualize what he is sharing. It doesn’t hurt that he is vey handsome and has a dry sense of humor and a very droll way of expressing himself at times. The video I am speaking of is called Natural Defenses in Preventing and Fighting Cancer.

    Wish I had read this before I was diagnosed. Between my awesome surgeon and my adherence to his recommendations and the things I learned from Dr. David Servan Schreiber and, of course, God’s will that I not go Home yet, I have not had another recurrence in over two years.

    Well,Amanda, I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and was wide awake because I went to bed so early after coming home from a treatment at the hospital and how wonderful that I had a message from you. So, here you go! G’nite. Love you bunches. Mrs. J

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