Team Cronkite

These past few weeks have flown by. As our last assignment, in Media Convergence, we had to do a group project. For our group project we had to write a six hundred word story together and then each of us had to write a side bar of three hundred words.

For the six hundred word story we decided, as a team, that we would write about students who were having problems graduating on time because of a lack of appropriate classes at UWF. I interviewed our Communications advisor. I learned that she is working with students to make sure that they the students meet their class requirements and their graduation date.

I was worried about my story the most because for the last month I have not been feeling well. I’m ok. I went to my doctor, received antibiotics and I am on the way to recovery.  So, to keep on top of things, I started my story right away. I did interviews, and took pictures. Sadly, my pictures didn’t come out the way I wanted them too, and I am sure that I will pay a price when my grade is reduced.  My story was on student housing and I feel like I learned a lot about how the housing system works. I met with the director of management for housing and I learn that housing costs go up because of utility and maintenance costs, and also because of the areas around town that offers other housing options for students.

One thing I learned from the group project is to not interrupt people while they are talking! I am so sorry guys. It’s something that I need to work on and the next time I have a group project I will do better. I also wish my photos where better. I am still learning how to take better photos and what to look for as far as lighting goes.

All in All, I feel that this was a good group project and I think that we did well with this. Go team Cronkite: Kevin, Amanda, Alejandra, and Carole! We made it through the term!

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

Word count: 370

One thought on “Team Cronkite”

  1. Sounds like you got a great education about much more than just writing this year. It’s good that your team respected you enough to let you know that you were bothering them with interrupting. Life is full of learning experiences and it seems like you are very alert to those lessons. Keep up the good work, Amanda!

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