A walk in the University woods…

Hi Blog world,

On Wednesday, My environmental reporting class when to the University woods to learn and connect to nature. I was a little bit nervous about going onto the hike because of my low vision, but with the help of my friends, to be my sighted guide I was able to go on the hike.


We first went to the land that had wood chips on it and we learned that it has to be cleaned out every few years. But it hasn’t been clean, and the walk through it was very deep.


Then we went and saw the oldest oak tree at the school. It was very big and it was so cool to look at and touch.


After this we went onto the main part of the hike, and it was very bumpy. Again my friends helped me out; we went slow and took our time. We saw the Eagle net. It was on top of a very big pine tree.  It was very cool to look at. I wanted to know if there were any babies in the nest but I didn’t get a chance to ask my teacher about it.


My most favorite part of the trip was when my friend and I were allowed a few minutes alone, my friend heard a bird noise and I wanted to leave, thinking something was going to run after us, but when we turned around we saw the Eagle! It was so pretty.

The Eagle

I would like to take this time to thank my friend Christienne for being my sighted guide, along with Naomi for your help too. It was a fun day.

Blog  soon,

Amanda Gene


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