My Passion Blog: Walking into the darkness

Hi Blog world,

Well, for the past two O and M lessons, my teacher has been taking me around campus at night with my eyes closed, yep, no cheating my eyes closed. This is because of my night blindness (

The first time she took me out we went all the way from my dorm down to the cafeteria. This lesson proved to both of us that even though I do great in the day time with my skills I really don’t have a grip on them at night. (

It’s going to take lots of practice and training for me to get my confidence. This is important for me because when I become a reporter I will have to go out on any assignment that my editor gives me. I can’t say, “um, I can’t because I can’t see well.” Nope! I am going to learn these skills.

The second time she took me out we went from my dorm to a classroom that I had never been in before. The reason we did this was to show me how to explore a new environment with my cane.

While I was in there I found out what it’s like for a blind person to be pulled and pushed. It hurts! Please click on this link to find out more about how to use the Sighted Guide Techniques. (

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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