Friday Classes starting fall 2012

Many students enjoy having a three day weekend; however, starting fall 2012 Students may have to add another day in the classroom.

In a Senate Meeting on Dec. 2nd, 2011, President Judy Bense addressed the topic of adding Friday classes, and it was noted that it will help with parking problems and fee issues for the student.

“The University will resume holding classes in M-W-F time blocks beginning in fall of 2012,” said, coordinator academic support services advisor Joyce Southard,  in an e-mail interview. “Previously 60% of the University’s classes were required to be held in the M-W-F time block.  In response to rising gas prices in 2008, the University brainstormed on ways that would minimize the commute to campus for students.  One of the solutions implemented would be to offer classes on M-W instead of M-W-F, in the hopes of saving students an additional day of travel.  However, this tactic reduced classroom utilization on Fridays.  If the university is to successfully pursue funding for building more classrooms and buildings, state auditors must see that our classrooms are being utilized to their fullest extent. “

Some students are in favor of this change, while others are not.

“I think it’s a good thing. Said freshmen theater major Ashlee Ballew in a face to face interview on Tuesday, “I really feel like I get my money’s worth.”

“I do not like this change personally because I live in Navarre, and it takes me about 40 minutes to drive to UWF,” said Junior Journalist major Christiane Cloutier in an e-mail interview, “I like the schedule how it is because I only have to make the drive 2 times a week- which saves me money on gas.”

“I don’t like the change,” said Rebecca Hill, sophomore, “I would prefer to go to class for a longer period and go to the class less time of the week. I try to avoid Friday classes just in case I need to go home I can leave on Friday, but if classes are cut shorter and I have an extra day of classes, that limits my ability to go home when I would like to without having to worry about missing a class.”

Future Upper grad students are also not happy about the change in the schedule. “it seems odd that there are Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes but only Tuesday, Thursday classes, said Senior philosophy major, Jessica Woods, “ What’s the point of adding an additional Friday class?”

Some students and teachers are not going to be effected by the change.

“When you’re doing online classes Monday- Wednesday, Tuesday- Thursday; it doesn’t impact us, “said Kathy Heineken, Ph.D., who teaches field experience for teacher education in an interview, “We’re all online of course I haven’t heard that.”


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