My first week of school

Hi Blog world,

Well, it’s that time of year again; I am now back in school for the spring term. I am taking Environmental Reporting,   Media Convergence, The Constitution & Press and General Methods Teaching K-12.  I like all my classes, but I think that my battle this term will be Environmental Reporting. I think this because of my learning disability, Dyslexia, and with me still learning the Associated Press (AP) style that will be a challenge. With that being said, I can learn the AP style, it’s just going to take extra studying and practice on my part.

During my first week of class, I also take time to introduce myself to my teachers and make sure they have received my accommodation sheet. I also encourage my teachers to ask any questions they have about my accommodations.  So far I think this will be a great term for me.  During this term, I am going to be reading a lot of textbook material. It takes me a very long time to read because of my low vision and my learning disability.

I had a lot of fun this week too; I went to 8:28, a college worship service, and Church with my friend Becca.  One of the things I learned during the Bible study time is that I need to take time out to relax and pray each day.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene

P.S. Here is a link to my archive blog post about Dyslexia:


3 thoughts on “My first week of school”

  1. Amanda,
    That was a pretty good blog. I know you will be able to overcome any challenge that lays ahead of you this semester. Just stay strong in your walk with God. God will provide everything you need! 😀 I know you will have an amazing semester

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