My goals for 2012 are…

Hi Blog world,

So each year I write out what I want to do for the year, and sometimes it doesn’t happen. Life just takes its control  and with me being a student my studies take over my personal life. I understand though that my studies need to be a top priority in my life right now. However, if I find the time here are my goals for this year:


2. Eat a healthier diet.  I need to be more careful about the food I eat and make sure that I walk every day.
3. Work on my Journalism skills. Without these skills I will never get my dream job. This includes getting my blog up to date, and keeping it up to date, my Twitter wedges up and running, and getting more readers and subscribers. This also includes my YouTube site.
4. Finish White Cane Training.
4. Have fun this means reading in my book club and hanging out with my friends. I must have a balance between school and fun.

I also want to keep working on my independence I just took a look at my last year blog posts, and boy, I have grown by leaps and bounds.  I should and am proud of myself.

Blog  soon,

Amanda Gene

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