A Big Thank You

This term is almost over, the papers have been written, the coffee drank, and the textbooks read. However, there is one more thing I have to do: Say thank you to my hall mates and friends.

From the beginning of this term, I was like a hermit crab waiting to come out of its shell; I wasn’t sure about my new home and I was scared.  Now I love it here.   I have grown by leaps and bounds, from not being able to cook and burning the college student staple diet, mac and cheese, to now being able to cook (even though I am still not a professional)

During this term I have learned a lot about myself, I wasn’t sure about how people would judge me for having a sight impairment and two learning disabilities, but now I have learned that being just who you are and not what you are is all that matters, being yourself is cool. From hitting my hip with Lucky to now being a proud graduate of the White Cane program! Now I have the confidence to go anywhere my adventures take me.

To my best friend Jessica, thank you for all your support and help during this term.   To Diesel, thank you for being silly and for playing fetch with me and Jessica. You’re a great dog.

To my friends at BCM thank you for your love and support; You guys are amazing.

I guess what I am trying to say is hall mates, you are now part of my family. You guys are amazing.  Thank you for all your help and support during this term.   I have truly have grown as a writer, person, and friend.

Thanks everyone. Here’s to next term!

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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