How white cane training is going…

Hi Blog world,

Well, the weeks of summer vacation is flying by and soon I will be starting my junior year at the local university. My O and M teacher and I have been working very hard to get me ready for school. Last Tuesday, we practiced crossing streets and for some reason I was not hitting my Queues; all I can say is I am going to have to work harder at getting this skill down-it will come in time. On Thursday, my teacher and I went to the university where I learned where my classrooms, food court, dorm and police station are located; I also got to meet some of the staff.

This past Monday, my teacher and I came back to the university and during this lesson I got to ride the trolley and I had to admit that I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect, however, I enjoyed using the trolley and meeting one of the drivers.   I also got my student I.D. and my student mailbox, the dial is very hard to see however the staff is willing to help with providing accommodations.   On Tuesday, I went to Target with my teacher. We also got to have some fun too because I got some dishes for my kitchen, a movie called “Julie and Julia” I also tried on some jeans but they were not my style.

In other news, the book club that I am in is doing well.  I am just about finished with our current book.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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