Crossing busy streets and a fun weekend

Hi Blog world,

Last Thursday, my O and M teacher had me face my greatest fear crossing busy streets. At first I was very nervous, however, my teacher gave me reassurance that she wouldn’t let me get hurt, and that this is one of the most important skills that I will use. The first lesson we had been on environmental landmarks. An environmental landmark can be a texture, sign, smell, or people who you see every time you travel.

As we walked along the busy sidewalks of downtown, my teacher told me to listen to the sound of traffic as it went by. When we got to the first street, she had me stop and listen once again to the traffic; when a car or truck starts off on my parallel side of the street, I use this as my clue as when it is safe to cross or not. The first couple of times she told me when to cross until I got the hang of the sounds which would be my Que. Soon, I got the hang of it, and I was able to have some confidence and then I was able to tell when it was safe to cross. I also learned how to tell where the bricks were for the cross walk.

During this lesson, I also learned how to go up and down stairs with my cane, and also how to handle stairs if someone was guiding me. Even though I feel confident with this lesson, we are going to redo it in the future for more practice.

This weekend, I also got to have some fun because I got to go over to my friend’s house and go swimming and we also watched a movie.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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