Web casting, backwards reading, and the Dyslexic joke

Hi Blog World,

Today, in my New Media Tech class, we got to go to the local WSRE station and record our own web cast show.  We got to take turns, running the teleprompter, video recorder, and being the news anchor.  For those who don’t know when the script of the teleprompter is running the person running needs to be careful and follow along closely because the words are all backward.  Many of my classmates had a hard time reading the script because of this fact.  They were not alone; because the font was green when I got to run the teleprompter I could not easily follow the script. My classmates got to see what it is like for me to read on a daily basis because of my Dyslexia. When I told my classmates that this is what it is like for me to read on a daily basics one of my classmates said, “Well, I guess I am Dyslexic now.”  We all laughed.  I liked the fact that we were able to joke.

I think that the time in the WSRE studio, gave me a chance to look at my career path. Because the lights in the studio was bright, the fact that I felt nervous in front of the camera,  and because I like writing stories for the paper I think I am going to major in print reporting.

Before I close, I wanted to tell you about my weekend.  First, I got four more fish for my ten gallon fish tank. I got three blue Guppies, and one Dalmatian Molly, sadly the day after I got the fish, one of my guppies died because he got stuck in the filter. The rest of my fish are doing well though.

Lastly, I got signed up for my last term at the local college, and I also got signed up for the classes at the local university even though I have to sign up for one more class because of my reporting classes were closed.

Blog soon,

Amanda Gene


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